Training, Internship & Residency

ECPVS Residency Programme

ECPVS Residency Programmes ECPVS Residency Programmes are training programmes that have been approved by the Educational Committee. These programs allow a graduate veterinarian (namely "Resident") to acquire an in-depth knowledge of poultry medicine and related disciplined, under the supervision of one (or more) Diplomate of the ECPVS ("Diplomate") or equivalent, as defined by the ECPVS Credentials Committee. The residency programme will aim at three major objectives:

  • To promote aptitude and proficiency in all aspects of the practice in poultry medicine, at the flock level.
  • To instruct the Resident in the science and practice of poultry veterinary medicine, including related disciplines (i.e. microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, nutrition, pharmacology, etc…).
  • To provide the Resident with the opportunity to pursue career goals in teaching, research, clinical service, and/or specialist practice. An approved ECPVS Residency Programme can be offered by Institutions (such as Universities and Research Centres) and private companies or practices, provided it is designed according the guidelines of the ECPVS Training Brochure below

The following relevant documents are available to download: