General Meetings and Symposia

A General Meeting of the Diplomates will be organised each year, preferably in conjunction with an annual Symposium to which all interested parties will be invited.

The Annual General Meeting of the College will be held during the annual symposium, the latter will preferably be organised together with an appropriate international congress or meeting, agreed upon by the Board.

A quorum of the College shall consist of twenty-five percent (25 %) of the members of the College eligible to vote. The quorum shall apply to all meetings of the College.

A quorum of the Board shall consist of a simple majority of that Board.

An Extraordinary Meeting of the College may be called at any time by the Board, or may be requested of the Board by a written request (containing the explanation for such a meeting) from not less than 10 % of the Diplomates. In the latter case, the Extraordinary Meeting has to take place within a period of three (3) months of the postmarked date of their request. If not, these members are empowered to summon an Extraordinary Meeting themselves.

The Board and the Chairpersons of the Credentials and Examination Committees shall meet at least once annually between the dates of the Annual General Meeting, when judged necessary by the President.