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The primary objective of the College shall be to advance poultry veterinary science in Europe and increase the competency of those who practice in this field by:

a) Establishing guidelines and prerequisite standards of postgraduate education, training, contributions to the field and experience to become a Recognised Specialist in the specialty of poultry veterinary science.

b) Examining and authenticating veterinarians as Recognised Specialists in poultry veterinary science to promote the health and welfare of poultry, the production of safe and high quality products for consumers and the economic profitability of the sector by providing expert care, taking into account respect for the environment in view of a sustainable agriculture.

c) Encouraging research and other contributions to the knowledge and practice of poultry veterinary science, and promoting the communication and dissemination of these.

d) Encouraging the practice of Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM) to ensure evidence-based and ethical approaches in all activities, advice and practices of poultry veterinary science and animal welfare

Foundation Diplomates:

  • M. Hafez (Germany)
  • P. De Herdt (Belgium)
  • M. Hess (Austria)
  • S. de Wit (the Netherlands)
  • N Eterradossi (France)
  • S. Lister (United Kingdom) 

The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation

The 2017 ECPVS Annual General Meeting took place on 4th September 2017, in Edinburgh, UK, at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on the eve of WVPA Congress, from 9.00am. The AGM confirmed the following changes in office holders:

Sjaak de Wit             President

Peter De Herdt         Past President

Stephen Lister          Vice President

David Giovanardi      Secretary

Mieke Matthijs           Treasurer

Klaus-Peter Behr       Board member

Alessandra Piccirillo     Board member

Isabelle Kempf, as outgoing Board Member, was thanked for her work on the Board on behalf of the College.

The 2018 AGM will take place in Valencia, Spain on September 7, 2018 and will include an afternoon symposium of oral presentations by ECPVS Diplomates and Residents.

More details can be obtained from the Secretary, Davide Giovanardi at dmgiovanardi@yahoo.it